country signs


Rodeo cowboys are road warriors, and spend most of the year traveling from town to town to perform at rodeos across the country. Ronald drives an average of 70,000 miles a year. Production on Man in the Can spanned 10 states: Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Nevada, Arizona, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, New Mexico and California. I took 19 flights to and from Los Angeles, 6 road trips, and had 2 tire blowouts (in one day).

Man in the Can Country Signs

It’s a miracle that I found my way around some of the back country roads, where the signs can be confusing. Ronald’s “country-style” directions were often equally perplexing: “Turn right past the second oak tree, left where the old Peabody farm used to be, and another left at the pea patch. If you get to the road that floods when it rains, you’ve gone too far.” Meanwhile, there isn’t a cloud in the sky, and this city slicker doesn’t know what a pea patch looks like.